There has never been a more urgent need to restore damaged ecosystems than now. The most precarious challenge that sustainable development faces is global warming. A warming climatic system is expected to impact the availability of basic necessities like freshwater, food security and energy. The links between Climate Change and Sustainable Developments are strong as one should act when it matters most. . . . READ MORE

Toshiba Group’s Environmental Future Vision 2050 aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions throughout their value chain by 2030, compared to 2019. The company will also actively contribute to global efforts to realize net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Toshiba is realizing this goal across its businesses by building clean solutions for a modern world & a new India. At Toshiba, the main plank of our management philosophy is, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." We have an unwavering drive to make and do things that lead to a better world. We will achieve our goal by expanding investment in energy-saving equipment and the use of renewable energy, leveraging our technologies to create products and services that contribute to greenhouse gas reductions, and promoting businesses that involve climate change adaptation measures. . . . READ MORE

Reaching for a Carbon Neutral Future Toshiba is exploring several solutions for carbon reduction and renewable power generation, storage, transmission and utilization. As nations around the world seek a carbon neutral future, Toshiba is leading the way with a range of solutions, from renewable energy to CO2 reuse and savings. Working together, we can effectively tackle climate change... READ MORE

Leader's Voice

Great leaders attract action. Action for Sustainable Development requires concerted efforts of governments, private sector, researchers, academicians, individual citizens and leaders. For this the world needs effective leadership voices to bring all stakeholders to a common platform to share common vision and values. Effective leadership voices, which can include both individuals and institutions, serve as catalysts to spread workable ideas. We have views from some eminent industry leaders as share their insights on road to development that is sustainable.

Courtesy- United Nations

Mr Raghupathy S is the Deputy Director General of CII. He is the Head of 4 CII Centres of Excellence with over 32 years of work experience in the areas of - energy management, green buildings, water management, waste management, renewable energy and urban landscaping. Let’s hear Mr Raghupathy as he speaks about Sustainable Development.

Mr Tomohiko Okada, the Managing Director of Toshiba India Pvt Ltd, has been working with Toshiba for almost four decades. He has been associated with Toshiba’s Indian operations for 25 years. His vision is to pursue Toshiba’s 'For the Next India' story further. Let’s hear Mr Okada as he talks about what role Toshiba has and will continue to play in India's sustainable development.


In a world disrupted by climate change and ecological imbalance, we need responsible industry leaders to act in the interest of the globe. Responsible leadership is about going beyond ‘business as usual’ practice and build sustainable enterprises. With this endeavour, industry leaders like Toshiba, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and NGOs like Aadhaan, Daily Dump work consistently to create sense of awareness amongst the stakeholders to think future with a sustainable mindset. Institutions like these have long track records of achievements in both sustainability and corporate performance. Companies like Toshiba make bold investments with disruptive innovations and institutions like CII drive concerted action through various activities to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage.

India’s Sustainable Growth Story

India is currently among the top three nations in energy use. Its energy demand is expected to grow the most on the planet over the next 20 years. The efforts and choices made now and in the coming years by the Indian government as well as by Indian businesses would play a key role in transforming country’s economic growth into sustainable economic growth. This would call for innovation, strong partnerships, and huge investments. . . . READ MORE

CII’s contribution to India’s Sustainable Growth

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has defined its Theme for 2021-22 as Building India for a New World: Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, Technology. With its vision to see beyond immediate problems, CII has identified 10 systemic force multipliers that Indian industry must accelerate which are consolidated under the pillars of competitiveness, growth, sustainability and technology. CII firmly believes that all parts of the economic ecosystem must work in partnership to ensure the fastest possible progress. CII is making efforts in all environmental related fields like Energy, Water, Renewable Energy, TPM, TQM, TCM, and Green Buildings etc. . . . READ MORE


The Essence of Toshiba is the basis for the sustainable growth of the Toshiba Group and the foundation of all corporate activities. Toshiba is committed to building a holistic future for India. With over 60 years of presence in the country, the company is closely aligned with the government's 'Make in India' initiative and has invested over ₹3,000 Cr in the country since 2013. Consistent with innovations and technological advancements, Toshiba aims to turn India into a global manufacturing hub and create a sustainable future for all Indians. Toshiba is relentlessly working towards offering more business solutions like Toshiba Water Solutions, Building Solutions and Rechargeable Batteries to India for a sustainable economy. . . . READ MORE

Toshiba's Water solutions

Water, although a finite resource, is grossly undervalued. Acknowledging this fact, Toshiba has come up with solutions to develop sustainable water infrastructure through its robust technology bank. Water scarcity and contamination are persistent problems globally. Toshiba has committed to provide highly reliable wastewater treatment system by creating sustainable infrastructure in India. It provides a complete one-stop solution from design and engineering to construction, installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities. . . . READ MORE

Toshiba's Battery Solution

Toshiba’s inspiration for sustainable development is to create equilibrium across society, economy and the environment. To minimize the environmental impact and create economic value as well in accordance with India’s sustainable goals needs, Toshiba has come up with a SCiB™ lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers advantages like high safety feature, a long-life cycle and rapid charging facility. It has a wide range of applications in passenger vehicles, trains, boats, industrial equipment and more since 2008. . . .READ MORE

Toshiba's Building Solutions

Rapid industrialization in India is leading to faster urbanization. 53% of people are expected to live in cities by 2050 in India. Old and crumbling infrastructures of cities pose a big challenge for green buildings. Toshiba has been a global leader in providing safe and reliable building solutions. India is one of the fastest growing elevator markets in the world. Toshiba is associated with some of the finest projects in the country providing safe, reliable, energy-efficient and world-class building solutions. . . .READ MORE