Toshiba SCiB™ Battery:
a Clean Energy Solution
for a Sustainable

For almost half a century, lithium-ion batteries have been at the back-end of writing the next chapter in serving the world’s energy demand. Now, the pressing need to achieve the 2°C goal of the Paris Agreement and effective carbon management has put lithium-ion batteries at the centre stage of powering the modern world.

The award of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to three scientists behind the development of rechargeable batteries has brought forth the potential of lithium-ion batteries that are used in everything from large grid-scale storage replacing fossil fuel plants to encouraging the surge in demand for eco-friendly transportation.

Toshiba’s inspiration for sustainable development is to create equilibrium across society, economy and the environment. Our business solutions aim to achieve sustainable development and growth, and we are conscious of delivering environmentally friendly products and solutions that do not have inimical effects on earth’s ecosystem. Through our technological developments and innovation, Toshiba’s SCiB™ rechargeable batteries deliver unprecedented socioeconomic potential. Presenting many industries an opportunity to decarbonize their energy consumption with its wide industrial and infrastructure applications, Toshiba’s SCiB™ rechargeable batteries can minimize environmental impact, create economic value and contribute to carbon management in accordance with India’s Paris climate agreement goals.

Toshiba’s SCiB™ rechargeable battery uses safe lithium titanium oxide (LTO) in its anode to achieve a long life, low-temperature performance, rapid charging, high input/output power and a large effective capacity.

Toshiba’s SCiB™ lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides outstanding safety and environmental robustness. SCiB™ is widely used in transportation systems, railway, electric power equipment, general battery-driven industrial equipment and emergency backup power supplies, as well as in large-scale stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS) used for frequency regulation at power stations.

Toshiba has allied with Suzuki Motor Corporation and Denso Corporation to jointly establish the lithium-ion battery cell pack company in India. The battery plant is housed at the Suzuki Motor Gujarat campus. This joint venture is India’s first lithium-ion cell manufacturing company and will contribute immensely to the government’s “Make in India” and “Clean India” initiatives. Through its activities here in India, Toshiba is harnessing its knowledge and expertise to deliver clean energy solutions with rechargeable batteries that are safe FOR A NEW DAY.

Courtesy- United Nations