Toshiba’s World-Class
Building Solutions Are
Opening up the
Promise of a New Day
in India

India is shifting from an agrarian to an industrialized economy. Today, it ranks as the world’s fifth-largest economy, with a GDP of USD 2.9 trillion. Rapid industrialization and modernization are behind the migration from villages to large cities, driving urbanization forward. In fact, India is urbanizing fast, and 53% of people are expected to live in cities by 2050.

Japan went through a similar transition in the 1960s, which saw large-scale construction of modern buildings as the foundation for a comfortable urban life. Toshiba has long been a leader in facilitating this urban growth by providing building solutions that are safe and reliable.

Tomohiko Okada, Managing Director, Toshiba India Private Limited, explains, “With India urbanizing at a rising rate, customers are demanding advanced building solutions. Toshiba, one of the leading names in the premium elevator and air-conditioning business, provides high quality customizable products both in terms of technology and aesthetics. We utilize expertise developed over the years, and support sustainable urban development by providing safe, reliable, energy-efficient and world-class building solutions in India.”


Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI) was established in 2012 as a joint venture with Johnson Lifts, India’s largest local elevator company. Since then, TJEI has contributed to the development of India’s cityscapes. TJEI’s comprehensive product portfolio includes premium and ultra-premium class elevators, covering key segments in the Indian market. In the ultra-premium and luxury segment, TJEI has already established itself as a significant player with products like the high- end ELCOSMO-III & SPACEL-III. These elevators offer the latest techniques to save both energy and time; the ELBRIGHT series that uses a compact traction machine, reducing the machine room space by up to 50%; and the ‘Made for India’ ELCOSMO & SPACEL– III- S series that employs a newly developed compact permanent magnet synchronous motor and drive system, an energy regenerative system, and LED lighting for higher efficiency.

TJEI is now working with over 100 customers, including global and renowned clients. It has established a presence in 17 major cities of India and is associated with some of the finest projects in the country, among them is the Surat Diamond Bourse in Gujarat, The Camellias in Gurgaon, and OneAvighna in Mumbai. Toshiba is committed to improving the quality of life for people around the world and to ensuring progress that is in harmony with our planet. Through its technical expertise and understanding of local demand, Toshiba stands committed to providing safe, reliable, world- class building solutions that turn on the PROMISE OF A NEW DAY in India.

TJEI elevators are made to meet the unique requirements of each project, bringing life to the vision of the architects and building designers.


Among the many innovations Toshiba has brought to HVAC, its inverter technology for air-conditioning products provides greater comfort and higher efficiency. Toshiba Carrier Air-Conditioning India (TCAI) offers high-quality reliable products and unparalleled after-sales support. The company is amongst the top players in Variable Refrigerant Flow, an air- conditioning system used for commercial buildings that offers numerous benefits, including compactness, quiet operation, long-term reliability, and consistent overall comfort.

TCAI’s local manufacturing unit is meeting growing demand from Indian customers, leading to the development of cost-effective products with Japanese quality.

Courtesy- United Nations